Help Your Next Generation of Leaders Rise Up

Date Posted: 9/24/2013

Leadership is a learned skill, a gift from God that can be exercised for the transformation of the world. The Leadership Lab series of resources from Young People’s Ministries is a tool to help develop youth into leaders through active learning.


Leadership Lab resources are completely adaptable and reproducible after initial purchase – no additional workbooks or continued cost. You print and project everything to keep costs down while using this resource again and again.

Leadership Lab for Senior High Youth (on DVD) is available for purchase HERE

Leadership Lab for 6th, 7th, & 8th Grade Youth will be available shortly on USB drives on, or as a direct download from




Young People Want to Lead Now

The passion and enthusiasm of young people is undeniable. Many young people want to impact the world, and believe they can make a difference. Passion and enthusiasm become agents of practical change when leaders focus that energy. If faith communities want to be relevant to and for young people, they must give young people opportunities to lead, and also prepare them to succeed in leadership roles.


Developing young people into leaders benefits your church, not just your group

Imagine a church where intergenerational teams work together to work alongside God in ministry. See a community where young people have voices of equal worth on decision-making teams. Helping young people develop leadership skills sets them up to succeed in living out their faith. Len Kageler, PhD cites the benefits of youth leadership in a study of 524 churches; Len found that an important factor impacting numerical growth in youth ministries was empowerment and ownership. Specifically, the number one indicator of numerical growth in youth ministry was the percentage of time young people were up front leading at the main youth group gathering.


Hear and Forget, See and Remember, Do and Understand

Instruction alone without practical hands-on experience does not prepare young people to lead effectively. Leadership Lab resources are designed with the adage ‘hear and forget, see and remember, do and understand’ as core principles. These resources help participants actually put what they learn into practice. Leader scripts, participant handouts, customizable slideshows, and group activities all help leaders allow youth to practice and discuss their learnings. Most importantly, participants practice what they learn to prepare them for future opportunities in leadership.


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