Lifelong Global Ministries Missionaries Receive World Methodist Peace Award

Date Posted: 9/18/2013

United Methodist missionaries Marion and Anita Way, known for their work in Angola and Brazil received the 2013 World Methodist Peace Award. The award was presented on September 12, 2013 at Wesley’s Chapel in London, United Kingdom during the World Methodist Council’s 2013 meeting. The head of the United Methodist General Board of Global Ministries, Thomas Kemper, attended the ceremony and offered a testimony, lifting up the lifelong work of the couple. In her comments, Anita Way thanked Global Ministries for supporting their ministries over the years.


As missionaries in Angola and Brazil, Marion and Anita Way used their faith to assist in the fight against political oppression, racism and other obstacles throughout their career.


In 1958, Marion and Anita served as missionaries in Angola during a time when Methodist churches were routinely accused of instigating the Angolan people to work towards independence from Portugal. In 1961 Marion was arrested, accused of conspiring and working openly in favor of the cause of the independence of Angola. He was jailed for two weeks in a special prison for political prisoners, to be transferred to Portugal.  After three months in jail without formal charges, he was released and expelled from the country.


In 1962, the Ways were sent by the General Board of Missions of the Church as missionaries to the First Methodist Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and there they served as Deacons of the Church to the Central People’s Institute (ICP). Marion developed various programs, including helping the poor of that area to develop job skills, such as typing, sewing, English classes and computer skills. Anita was responsible for Christian education, support services to needy children and served as a music teacher. She also created several junior and adult choirs in the community. Throughout their years of service, the Ways were always attentive to societal changes and constantly updated the needs that arose. In 1995, Anita was appointed to the Regional Team Working with the Children’s Area. Since 1983 Marion participated at the Head Office of Projects of the 1st Methodist Conference.


Despite obstacles, challenges and disappointments the Ways never abandoned their ideals in service of God. In those 54 years of continuous work the couple’s work has helped more than 15,000 children and 45,000 families, and more than 100,000 through the outreach that their organizations conduct.


Sadly, Marion Way died in May 2013, but his work alongside his wife Anita in Angola and Rio de Janeiro lives on as a testament to the power of mission. For their half-century of work in mission and bringing dignity and economic empowerment to the poor throughout Angola and Brazil, the World Methodist Council is proud to award the 2013 World Methodist Peace Award to Marion and Anita Way.

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This story originally appeared on the World Methodist Council website