Learn How to Start a Church

Date Posted: 9/12/2013

Helping plant a new church is an experience like no other. Whether clergy or laity, you are needed in this exciting endeavor within the TAC. If you want to merely explore the possibilities, no strings attached, New Church Start Director Jeff Olive hopes you will consider attending the upcoming NCLI training. Register by September 17.

Wanted: passionate United Methodists to help with church expansion efforts throughout the Texas Annual Conference. “While all of our new church planters are required to go through New Church Leadership Institute (NCLI), the upcoming training conference is also ideal for those interested in church planting,” says Jeff Olive, TAC Director of New Church Starts. “However, attending is not a commitment on your part -- or mine, in terms of an assignment.  We need lay and bi-vocational planters -- especially in rural areas -- so this is great training for both clergy and laity.”

Scholarships are available for the next NCLI session which occurs October 14-17, 2013 in Little Rock, Arkansas. Jeff believes the New Church Leadership Institute (NCLI) provides an environment for clergy and laity to discern whether or not God may be calling them to plant a new church.  Adds Jeff, “NCLI is a 4-day retreat during which time participants go through a rigorous time of learning, hearing from top church planters and discerning how God may be calling them to plant a new church.”

Goals of the New Church Leadership Institute are to:

   Assist pastors and laity to discern if they are called to be a new church planter;

   Connect potential church planters with successful new church planters;

   Equip potential church planters with knowledge and skills for successful church starts; and

   Prepare pastors and laity for a variety of New Church Start strategies/models.


“Only some of the graduates may eventually have the opportunity to be appointed to start a new church or be the second pastor of a new church--yet, all will gain from better understanding the role of new churches in the spread of the gospel and revitalization of the church.”


For information on this year’s training, contact Jeff Olive at (jolive@txcumc.org) or 713-521-9383 ext. 313. Scholarships are available.