Covering the Conference with Cards of Compassion

Date Posted: 5/9/2013

Congregations across the Texas Annual Conference are invited to conduct a campaign in the next few weeks and send their delegates to Annual Conference with armloads of gift cards. Pick up a gift card wherever you eat out or shop and donate it to help a homeless person or human trafficking victim. We need gift cards from your favorite fast food restaurants in $5 or $10 amounts. We also need cards from places like Target, Wal-Mart, or your favorite grocery store in larger amounts of $20 to $25 to help someone purchase toiletries or needed clothing. What an easy way to bring comfort and express compassion to hurting people.


When survivors are pulled from the emotional wreckage surrounding human trafficking, they usually have very little in the way of possessions. They are trapped in slave-like relationships because they have no resources or freedom to fend for themselves. “Instead of sending clothing and personal hygiene items to assist these victims, join our conference-wide gift card campaign by sending your delegate to Annual Conference with retail gift cards this year,” says Reverend Diane McGehee, Director of the TAC Center for Missional Excellence. “These cards, easily stored, carried and personalized, will be given to organizations such as Redeemed Ministries and Home of Hope to insure that help can be immediate when a young girl, woman or boy is rescued from this worldwide bondage.” Cards will also be shared with The Bread of Life to assist in their work with the homeless. Representatives from all of these organizations will be at Annual Conference to talk with you and share how your cards will be used to make a difference.


Donated food made the 2012 Conference Food Drive an enormous blessing for the hungry residents in the Gulf Coast area, so this year the focus will be on filling buckets until they are brimming with gift cards. Leaders of organizations working with the homeless and human trafficking victims will be able to dispense these gift cards to help provide food and every day necessities as the homeless and victims of human trafficking seek to recreate their lives in hope. “The donated cards will be managed by professional organizations, not given to individuals on the street,” Diane explains. “A gift card may seem like a small item to each of us, but it will be a giant gesture of comfort and compassion to recipients.”


Goal = 1000 cards

Five gallon “orange” buckets will be placed in prominent locations each day of annual conference. You will find them at registration, the information booth and the display tables where TAC ministry partners and gift card beneficiaries from The Art Project, Redeemed Ministry, Houston Rescue and Restore and Home of Hope Texas will be able to answer your questions about their organizations and what you can do to help.


To join the campaign cause and help create a new start for a brighter future

1) purchase a gift card and write the amount in permanent pen on the card,

2) give to your church delegate attending the Conference “to drop in a bucket” or

3) mail to the Center for Missional Excellence, Texas Conference office at 5215 Main Houston, TX 77002.