Lakeview Ministry Plans for Change

Date Posted: 3/14/2013

Lakeview Methodist Conference Center will soon be presenting detailed plans for design and funding elements of phase 1 construction of their master plan. They are working with the Butler architectural firm and the Adams engineering firm – both of Tyler, and they plan to show people the sites for the two new dorms as well as detailed drawings of what those dorms will look like by May 15. Director Matt Idom said they will have signage and technical drawings available during summer camp so people can see what will be coming in the future.


Idom explained that they are strongly considering moving the shop in the middle of camp that currently houses tools and tractors. “If we do that, we’ve got access to all that property on the east side of Copeland and Barton – that’s the first area we’re looking at. The dorms we would build there are what we would call a large footprint site, like the Asbury dorms that were built in 2004 with multiple rooms attached, where you can get 300 people in that area.”


The second area is between the existing Wesley dorms and the back of the gift shop. “We want to try to design individual cabins in the same feel as the 12 Wesley cabins that would handle the numbers of the summer, but then - through their design - could become family cabin units for retreats in the fall, winter, and spring,” Idom continued. “They would be more multi-functional, and a more traditional camp feeling design.”


There is not currently a timeline set, but a best case scenario is that one of the dorm units could be complete by 2014.


Reinstating Lakeview Apportionments

In March, The Texas Annual Conference Council on Finance and Administration voted to recommend to the 2013 Annual Conference to reinstate Lakeview into the apportionment formula. A resolution to be introduced will include a proposal that $150,000 per year from apportionments go directly to Lakeview - designated for Lakeview’s upcoming capital campaign.


 “If that is approved at Annual Conference, it will enable the board at Lakeview to seek matching funds and grants, in that it shows the Annual Conference has a vested interest in Lakeview and enhances our ability to pursue other funding opportunities,” Idom noted.


Bylaws Amendment

Lakeview has also presented two items of business to the pre-conference journal. The first amendment to the bylaws gives Lakeview the opportunity to expand membership to include as many as 25% of the board to persons who are not necessarily members of a congregation in the conference. “As we start this program of growth and building, should we find somebody that has an affinity toward Lakeview that may not live within the boundaries of our annual conference - but who can bring resources and leadership and funding to our project, we have the opportunity to extend the offer to serve on our board,” he explained.


The second piece of the bylaws amendment is the inclusion of the reversionary clause. “This exists in both the Lakeview charter when it became a non-profit 501c3, and in the articles of incorporation. The reversionary clause states clearly, that should our ministry cease to function, then once all debts are paid, 100 percent of the assets: 1,300 acres, three lakes and all the facilities revert back to the Texas Annual Conference. We’re putting that language in the bylaws as well so that everybody knows - we’re doing a good job, we’re functioning, but at the end of the day if this ministry ceases to exist, this is The Texas Annual Conference’s retreat center.”


There will also be a resolution put forward asking the Annual Conference to join the Lakeview board in reaffirming the covenant that exists between Lakeview and The Texas Annual Conference. “We see as our primary mission and ministry to serve the congregations, districts and programs of The Texas Annual Conference,” Idom added. ”We are a 501c3 - a non-profit corporation. But, our mission and ministry is to be faithful as a Methodist Conference Center. We’re yours, you’re ours and that’s our mission. It’s a covenantal relationship – not a business relationship. It’s deeper than that.”


Lakeview is also working with Richard Caperton's firm for capital improvements to set up a capital campaign. “There will be opportunities for individuals, congregations and corporations to make substantial gifts and to have naming opportunities on new structures in memory or honor of their loved ones,” Idom noted.


Brandy Kines, director of development and marketing, is available for speeches and presentations if you are interested in hearing more about how you can help support Lakeview. Also, Matt Idom regularly travels to churches to talk about their ministry.


Matt Idom’s Speaking schedule

17th March Pleasant Retreat – Tyler

April 7th - Koontz Warren

April 21st - Grace UMC – Jim Love

April 28 - Channelview Old River Terrace

May 12 - New Boston


Contact Rev. Matt Idom for additional information on their ministry and programs at 903-538-2711.