This Week in Texas Methodist History

Date Posted: 9/24/2012

St. John’s Nears Completion as Tallest Structure in Galveston - September 26, 1870.      


As Texas recovered from the economic effects of the Civil War, Galveston was well-positioned to take advantage of increased commerce. Much of the Texas cotton crop passed through the port. Merchant ships from all over the world streamed into Galveston with all sorts of manufactured goods. The first bank in Texas to receive a national banking charter was organized there.  It continued its traditional role as a port of entry for immigrants. 


Galveston Methodists began to plan and build a church building that would reflect the prosperity of the city.  As the building neared completion, the Texas Christian Advocate (then published in Galveston) reported on an additional benefit of the structure.  It would help navigators steer their course into port…


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