Life Skills Retreat Meets Multiple Needs

Date Posted: 9/13/2012

Over a year’s time, approximately 150 women in residential treatment for drugs and alcohol, women new to independent living or in homeless shelters are encouraged by the outreach efforts of Terrace UMC in Houston. Terrace UMC offers three Life Skills Retreats each year featuring professionals from the community as well as church members leading classes in subjects ranging from conflict resolution to personal finance. Women enjoy a home cooked meal and learn about parenting, job skills, women’s health issues, living in sobriety, spirituality, and self esteem.

“Our members drive the vans, greet the ladies, serve lunch, provide music and worship, and reset for Sunday services,” says Tammy Heinrich, assistant pastor of outreach. “This event demonstrates our church’s commitment to providing an experience of sanctuary and support to individuals new to recovery, living in transition or exploring new independence,” adds Tammy.

“It also allows church members to interact with outreach clients in a casual setting that allows them to gain a greater understanding of the challenges and struggles these women face.” The next retreat will be held September 22 from 9-4.