Update: Ukraine Mission Team

Date Posted: 7/26/2012

Tragedy struck for the Houston area church members conducting mission work in the Ukraine in early July, resulting in two deaths and several serious injuries. As travelers and family members try to sort out the details in the aftermath, they are sharing updates through a blog and through various church spokespersons.


Jack Aulick was working nearby when a portion of the ceiling collapsed on several mission team members assisting with construction on the Ukraine work site. “This resulted in two deaths and serious injuries to several of our team members including David Goran,” says Lakewood UMC mission co-team leader Jack Aulick. Lakewood UMC Mission Pastor Holly Wilson reports that David and Shannon Goran, their children and his parents are in Munich where David is receiving surgery and wound care. You can learn more information about that from the Goran's blog - http://thegorans.wordpress.com.


Shannon’s recent blog entry states that David “had surgery again July 18 to clean the wound on his leg, and he started physical therapy to allow him to sit up (with a lot of help.) An MRI showed that he has a blocked nerve causing lack of motion in his hands, and we are being told that time will heal this blockage.” On a happier note, she says, “We have found a place to live temporarily here and thank everyone for this amazing outpouring of assistance.”


“The injury prognosis is serious,” adds Aulick, “although not life threatening. “Recovery will take awhile, so prayers for strength and courage and hope for the whole family are welcomed. There has been some impact on the ministries Shannon and David were previously heading, so that is another prayer concern, however other missionaries are helping in the meantime.”


A Place for Prayer:

All three of the other Lakewood members on the trip were in worship upon their return, happy to be home and grateful to receive the warmth, prayers and welcome from the congregation. Says Wilson, “They were each extremely impressed with the mission work that they participated in alongside the Goran's and the Ukranian people.” She adds, “Lakewood joins our prayers with Sugarland UMC for the healing of the Nevotti family as well as with the L'Viv church for the healing of those who are most assuredly broken hearted from the loss of Ilya Onoprienko and the recent tragedy.”


To find out how you can express sympathy and support or volunteer in some capacity, contact Kathie Mann at the TAC Partners in Mission office.