UM Army Invades Texas

Date Posted: 7/26/2012

An ARMY of God’s young people is spreading the love of Christ throughout East and Southeast Texas. Moving into communities large and small, rural and urban, these missionaries are demonstrating God’s love through their service to others through 34 mission camps throughout the summer.


According to Executive Director David Sabom, the tangible results are easy to tabulate. “At last count, we have worked on 368 homes to complete 114 wheelchair ramps, 94 porches, 191 exterior painting /siding repairs, and many doors, windows, floors, roof repairs, and more,” he reports. “The intangible results are not so easy to measure. Changed lives do not show up on paper very well. Clients experience God’s love through a group of teenagers that show up at their door with tools and lumber.


Young people grow in their faith by serving others, and are blessed by God’s love when they give it away. Neighbors across the street look out their windows and see young people joyously working in the heat, and realize only God could be behind this. Newspaper articles, passers-by; the tentacles of Christ’s love reach out farther than we can measure.” While summer is coming to a close, the memories of these acts of kindness may linger a lifetime.


Its Great to Give and to Receive!

Thanks from a client in Hemphill“My husband had a heart attack six years ago. I quit my job to stay at home and take care of him. The ramp leading to the porch was rotting, as was the porch. The young people came out and built a new ramp and fixed our porch. They always came with a big smile and a sweet spirit. They brightened our day. To us, they are our angels.”


From Livingston“It's not very often that I'm impressed by the youth of today, but I came across this group of young people that are not spending their 4th out partying, getting stoned and drunk, the young folks are spending their 4th out helping the poor and needy of Polk County. May God our Heavenly Father guide and bless them all the days of their lives. After they finished here, they were off to the next project. They gave praise to God almighty for helping them to help others.”


Teen Talk (Favorite Experiences of the Week)

…“Helping those in need with their life, home, and relationship with God.”

“…the smile and tears on my client’s face as we left was both my favorite and least favorite ….”


…“I felt myself working as God’s hands.”