Students Receive TUMCA Scholarships

Date Posted: 4/17/2012

Bishop Dan E. Solomon, president of the Texas United Methodist College Association, announced that thirty-six students from the Texas Conference have received TUCA scholarships for the 2011/12 school year.


Solomon commented, “TUMCA scholarships are providing that ‘one more blessing’ that makes it possible for United Methodist young adults in the Texas Conference to attend one of our fine schools.”


“In supporting our students,” Solomon continued, “our local churches are reflecting Methodism’s core commitment to unite education and evangelism.”  Since the founding of Cokesbury College, one of the first actions of the newly formed Methodist Episcopal Church, in 1784, Methodism has embraced the importance of education, thus reflecting Jesus’ Great Commandment to “love God with our mind.”


TUMCA funds are helping to develop servant leaders in the church and for the world.  The price of “ignorance” is far greater than the cost of education.  TUMCA funds are often the “essential last amount” in a family saying to a daughter or son, “We can make it work.  You can go to college!”


Bishop Solomon stated, “TUMCA scholarships are really about our local churches wrapping their arms around our students and saying, ‘We taught you in Sunday School, we helped you learn and grow in and through your youth group, and now are helping you get a college education!”


GREAT GRADITUDE from these students overflows to the Texas Conference and its local churches for funding this means of grace and learning.  Listed below are the recipients of TUMCA scholarships.



Lon Morris College

Adrianna Becker-Damiani                       First United Methodist Church, Malakoff

T. J. Blankenship                                   First United Methodist Church, Livingston

Jacob Brimmage                                   Cypress United Methodist Church

Dillon Cain                                            First United Methodist, Silsbee

Kendal Carnley                                      Montgomery United Methodist Church

Michael Castillo                                     Lexington-Blue United Methodist Church

Christian Castro                                     First United Methodist Church, Jacksonville

Talina Copaus                                       Woodville United Methodist Church

Martez Cornett                                       Covenant Glen United Methodist Church, Missouri City

Cameron Crawford                                Clear Lake United Methodist Church, Houston

Cody Davis                                           Wildwood United Methodist Church, Magnolia

Hannah Foster                                       China United Methodist Church

Carson Fugate                                      Lanes Chapel United Methodist Church, Tyler                 

Jason Hamilton                                     First United Methodist Church, Livingston

Holley Huddleston                                 A. Frank Smith United Methodist Church, Alto

Kayla Jenkins                                        First United Methodist Church, Huntsville

Kyle Jenkins                                          Montgomery United Methodist Church

Zachary Kettrick                                    First United Methodist Church, Jacksonville

Eric Little                                              First United Methodist Church, Chandler

Emmalee Lower                                    First United Methodist Church, Troup

Carla McNelty                                        McKinney Memorial United Methodist Church, LaMarque

Kayla Middleton                                                Mt. Selman United Methodist Church, Athens

Brineisha Ritell                                      McKinney Memorial United Methodist Church, LaMarque

Rileigh Storrs                                        St. Timothy’s United Methodist Church, Houston

Canaan Washington                               Kirbyville United Methodist Church

John Westbrook                                    Bedias United Methodist Church

Austin Woods                                       Montgomery United Methodist Church


McMurry University

Keith Bell                                              Galilee United Methodist Church, Texas City

Eduardo Gonzalez                                 Chapelwood United Methodist Church, Houston

Willie Poindexter                                   Atlanta United Methodist Church

Amanda Zimmerman                              First United Methodist Church, Katy


Southern Methodist University

Claire Rochelle Jones                            St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, Houston

Kyle Anthony Tabler                              Dayspring United Methodist Church, Tyler                                                                                                                                             

Southwestern University

Kenna Dies                                           First United Methodist Church, Pearland


Texas Wesleyan University                                                                                                      

John Black                                            First United Methodist Church, Rosenberg

Madalyn Russell                                    Brock’s Chapel United Methodist Church, Quitman