Fear Less, Hope More

Date Posted: 4/5/2012

The magnificent power of reflection, rediscovered in the Easter season, allows us to focus on the world around us, especially the vital communities of care we hold dear to our hearts.  It is a time of renewal, some uncertainty, and, most important—a time of hope.  

This spring, The United Methodist Church (UMC) will focus on the conclusion of one ecclesial period and the start of the next, with the upcoming General Conference, scheduled to be held in Tampa, Florida, at the crux of this movement.

Deputy General Secretary of The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), the Rev. Cynthia Fierro Harvey, reflects on this moment in the life of the church as a time of renewal.

“I feel that among United Methodists there is a very clear sense of commitment and dedication to the church and its future,” she said.  “I believe the people of the church understand the urgent need to revitalize our congregations and deepen our discipleship. Of course, at the same time that there is this desire for change, there also is anxiety as we face the unknown.”…

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