A Tribute to Dr. King - We Are Still Lifting Every Voice and Singing. . .

Date Posted: 1/24/2012

Every year, Houston Chapter BMCR hosts the, “Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast,” an event that celebrates the life and legacy of Civil Rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


This year’s Breakfast took us on a journey from the beginning of the Civil Rights movement to the dedication of the Washington, D.C. Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial. Having visited Washington, D.C. on a number of occasions, I think Rev. B. T. Williamson said it best; I now have something new to look forward to on my next visit.


This particular event is one that I look forward to each year. One of the reasons is because our youth in the local church are able take away more than just singing a song, praise dancing or reading words from a sheet of paper.


They get the chance to better understand a part of their history. And through interpretation, they learn as well as educate others. Actually, celebrating the accomplishments of Dr. King is a part of all of our history. Dr. King’s dream should be able to resonate within each of us in some form or fashion.


The celebration of his birthday is a prelude to Black History Month – a time set apart to recognize the achievements and contributions made by African Americans to this country and the world. It is my I hope that by remembering the efforts of Dr. King, it will initiate an appreciation for those who have paved the way for equality to exist between the races.


A Monumental Legacy

The youth presentation was outstanding. Through oration, interpretative dance, and drama, the history of African Americans’ past, present and future was displayed. Working behind the scenes, allows one to be able to sit back and enjoy the final production. The praise dance was glorious, speakers were brilliant, and the choir was simply magnificent. If you were not in attendance, you missed something profound and wonderful. But, there is always next year….