Texas Conference Website Adds Mobile Support

Date Posted: 12/1/2011

You may have noticed the new mobile version of txcumc.org. Now when you visit the conference web site from commonly used mobile platforms, a leaner version of the site automatically loads. However, if you prefer the full site you can still access that as well by choosing the full site link at the bottom of the listings.


Seeing more and more users access our sites with smart phones and tablets, several United Methodist Annual Conferences went in together to enable mobile users more efficient access to the information most frequently sought. We looked at different options, including platform-specific and device specific apps. A mobile site makes much more sense than these because it offers greater flexibility and compatibility across multiple platforms at a substantially lower cost and will allow a larger number of users to benefit from its use.


Included Features:

·         Location Aware Church Search – If your device has location services enabled, you have the option of allowing your device to list churches based on your location. Churches within 25 miles will show up automatically. Since it accesses data from national sources, this feature will work anywhere in the U.S. Select a church and you will have access to a Google map and directions. If you choose not to use location services, you can search for churches by name, city, or zip code. 


·         People Search - Need to call or e-mail someone on the go? Search for them and contact them directly through your device.  


·         Content - The latest news and information is also loaded from features and news items as well as classifieds and blogs. Additionally there are links to the conference calendar, as well as Conference Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Access to the mobile site is simple. When you visit txcumc.org from a mobile device, you will be automatically re-directed on supported devices. You may visit the mobile site directly by going to www.txcumc.org/mobilesite. An alternate view is available at www.txcumc.org/skimmer.  


(***Please be aware that fees may apply for using location services or data services depending on your carrier and plan. Check with your phone provider for additional details.)