A Message from Restorative Justice Ministries of North America

Date Posted: 10/28/2011

It is time to start collecting coats for needy individuals this Winter.


We respectfully request your assistance in organizing donations of new and used coats to assist former prisoners as they are released from Texas Prisons.


The State of Texas releases over 70,000 men and women from Texas Prisons each year. These men and women desperately need our help.


Over the past nine years, God has allowed us to greet and minister to 300,000 men as they were released from The Huntsville Prison Unit. It is a real blessing when someone just released from prison walks up and says. "Let me tell you what Jesus did for me while I was locked-up." (Attached is a picture from The Huntsville Bus Station as we share travel prayers prior to boarding and departure)


Many of these men learned of their release just hours before being booted out the front door of the prison with little or no preparation.


Winter weather is upon us and these men will be traveling home long distances in their shirt sleeves. Many of these released prisoners cannot afford to purchase coats.


Welcome Back Ministries assists men and women on the day of their release from prison. We provide them resources and phone numbers for help with food, clothes, medication, shelter, etc.


About 20% of the individuals being released have mental or physical disabilities requiring extra assistance just to make it home safely. 


Close your eyes and imagine having been locked up in solitary confinement for the past ten years. About 2:30 in the morning someone opens your cell door and says your being released.  After hours of waiting in long lines, signing paperwork, and being moved from one holding tank to another, they show you to the door and say. "Walk that way to the Bus Station and get your bus ticket."  About 9am you make your way to the Huntsville Bus Station. Tired, hungry, and worried about who you can call for help, or where are you going to spend the night.


Released individuals often get lost on their way to the bus station (One block).


Welcome Back Volunteers serve as lighthouses to give directions, help them make phone calls to loved ones, answer questions, and hand-out community care packages.


We could use your help to collect new and used items, to help these former prisoners, reintegrate into our society.


If your church or ministry will collect donations ,we have teams of volunteers who will pick up and transport donations to those in need.  


Please contact Amy Lea Iles at (936) 650-8737 or Bill Kleiber at (936) 355-6697 to learn how you can help, and start a COAT COLLECTION MINISTRY at your church. 


Other items we need donated:


Clothes, food, literature with helpful phone numbers, Bible tracks, belts, shoes, coats, Plastic Bags with handles, Baggies full of hygiene, candy, cookies, BBQ sandwiches, Bibles, copier paper, suitcases, travel bags.


Bill Kleiber
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