Thursday Wildfire Updates

Date Posted: 9/8/2011

Over the last week, our community has been battling a large fire that has already burned around two thousand acres, and is still not contained.  Yesterday, a copper thief inadvertently started another fire while stripping wiring from a home that still had electricity. This fire was less than two miles from our “downtown area” (school, several churches, the post office, and many homes). This fire was fast moving, and within an hour had moved to within half a mile of the school and prompted mandatory evacuation of about half the town.  At the moment we have at least three fires burning within a five-mile radius.  Our firemen are exhausted, and our community has really pulled together to support our local firemen, families, and forestry service workers. 


Henry’s Chapel and Carlisle UMC have worked in conjunction with Carlisle Baptist Church and other area churches to coordinate efforts to provide food and shelter for evacuated residents and supply firefighters with food, water, and other necessities.  Over the last week, my family and I have taken in food and water donations, set up refreshment centers at the different fire command posts, served food to fire workers at the church, and shuttled food and drinks to firemen working on the front lines of the fires.  We have aided in evacuating the homebound, and I have personally rescued many horses, dogs, goats, and other livestock from homes in the path of the fire.  The outpouring of love and support from our community has been overwhelming, and a shining example of God’s people coming together to take care of those in need.