Cabinet Retreat Promotes Reconnecting and Refocusing

Date Posted: 9/6/2011

Camp Allen’s woods in Navasota, Texas provided a shady sanctuary for members of the Texas Annual Conference Cabinet as they met for their annual August retreat  to re-connect and re-focus on how to leverage opportunities for ministry throughout the conference.


Conference Lay Leader Leah Taylor said the retreat provides individuals a getaway from the daily routine to collectively gather and take a bigger-picture look at Conference priorities. “We focused on the story of who we are as an Annual Conference and how we can connect better with districts and local churches. We looked at how well we’re moving into our vision and mission… and we discussed what different districts are doing to connect with that vision and mission.”


Mornings began with worship and each day concluded with community-building activities. “Our group shared communion together on the first day and cabinet members took turns leading daily devotionals throughout the week.”


Communication Consultant Randy Cox was one of the guest speakers who facilitated the opportunity for Cabinet members to take a personality assessment known as the “Birkman Method.” Texas Methodist Foundation Consultant Gil Rendle also led discussions reflecting on past and future goals and accomplishments of the Conference.


Additionally, the group worked on planning upcoming meetings, including Bishop Huie’s annual visits with clergy and laity in October and November. “We’ll soon be meeting with the district leadership teams to talk about quadrennial assessments and any of the things that can help the Annual Conference focus on local church need,” Taylor added.


She left with a sense that what begins as individuals arriving at a retreat, ends with a group exercising common goals. She notes, ”While we all may have a different focus, each has relevance to everyone else’s. I came away with a sense of connection and a sense of community.”