GBOD Webinar calendar

Date Posted: 7/11/2011

August 4 – Nominations Committee

WHO: Nominations Committee

WHAT: Basic training for church nominations committees who want to find leaders rather than “fill the lines on the form.” Your responsibility is to be the voice of God calling people into ministry!

WHERE:  Your own internet connection OR gather at the church with the committee to watch together

WHEN: August 4    6:30 PM CDT


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August 18 and 25 – a two part training for Finance Leaders

WHO: Treasurer, Finance Committee, Financial Secretary

WHEN: August 18  6:30 PM CDT

WHAT: Fundraising and money BURNOUT!! This webinar will cover the central message of generosity, essentials of an effective program, things that work and things that do not work. Move beyond “the way we have always done it” to lead your congregation in extravagant generosity for the ministry God has for your congregation.


WHEN: August 25  6:30 PM

WHAT:  Extravagant Generosity Starts Here: A boot camp for Finance Leaders. This webinar will be a “put-it-to-work” review of the newest program on the marketplace “Extravagant Generosity, the Heart of Giving.” One of the authors will describe how to make it work, how it is different, and how to get started. Learn about "heart-change" and marketing and branding concepts to inspire generosity among all age groups.


WHERE: Your own internet OR gather with other finance leaders at the church and watch together.


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