Spring Storms Special Hotline

Date Posted: 5/2/2011

Spring Storms Special Hotline

“Love your neighbor as yourself.” So simple. So powerful. So much at the heart of who we are as United Methodists. Does it make you wonder... who is my neighbor?


In Alabama and across the US South, survivors of this year’s historic spring storm season are still reeling. After the latest of these super storms raged through the region on April 27, killing hundreds and injuring many more, countless families now find themselves homeless and in need of care.

Your faithful giving enables UMCOR to be the hands and feet of Jesus to respond with compassion to storm-affected families. It is only with your commitment that we are able to help families recover, rebuild and restore lives back to normal.


Can you show your love to your neighbor with a donation to UMCOR?

Disasters start like any day... you, me, our neighbors... we live, we work, we play. Then the unexpected... the water rises, the winds swirl, the flames leap and before we know it... everything’s gone.


Who is there for you? Who is there for your neighbors? UMCOR: The United Methodist Committee on Relief.


Your donation today to UMCOR’s Spring Storms 2011 joins with thousands around the country – your neighbors – to relieve the suffering of those who started their days just like you and me... and never expected it to end so very differently. And better yet... when you make your gift to UMCOR, all of it, 100% of the funds go to disaster service – none to administrative expenses.