Young Adult Retreat Promises Rejuvenation, Fellowship and Renewal

Date Posted: 1/12/2011

Texas Annual Conference young adults are invited to take some time apart to be filled by something other than the daily grind. The “And You Give Yourself Away” retreat aims to provide a refreshing break for busy young adults, with the added bonus of meeting and fellowshipping with other United Methodists.


Not only is this the first conference-wide young adult retreat, but it’s the first substantial undertaking of the young adult ministry in a quite a while. Rev. Dan Conway, the TAC director of youth and young adult ministries, said it’s one way the annual conference hopes to reach out to young adults who often represent a “gap” in the ministries of the greater church.


“Many times they don’t fit into family ministries,” he said, because they may be single or not yet parents. “And, many times it’s hard to have their own sustainable Sunday school class in the small to medium size churches…I think what this retreat offers is the chance for Methodist young adults to meet other Methodist young adults in an outside setting of fellowship.”


This is critical, at a time when the average age of United Methodists is around age 57.


“It’s important to interface in these settings, because often times it’s easy for them to fall away from the church – perhaps feeling like there’s no one else here my age,” Conway said. “This is an opportunity to grow spiritually, to hear a great speaker about world missions and urban ministry, and to make new friends, where Christian faith is their common ground.”


The featured speaker is Christopher L. Heuertz, who has served as the International Executive Director of the “Word Made Flesh” community since 1996. An activist, author, visionary and public speaker, Chris has traveled with his wife, Phileena, through nearly 70 countries working with the most vulnerable of the world's poor—Roma (gypsies), children with AIDS, prostituted women and girls, recovering drug addicts, children on the streets and refugees. He is the author of Simple Spirituality: Learning to See God in a Broken World.


Organizers say the retreat will laid back, with optional activities that allow participants to utilize the Camp Cho Ye facilities.


To learn more about the event, or to register, visit