Bishop Janice Riggle Huie Receives $100,000 Grant for Emerging Leaders Endowment (ELE)

Date Posted: 9/25/2014

Bishop Huie recently received a $100,000 grant from the Young Clergy Initiative that will allow the TAC to continue to build our Emerging Leaders Endowment without tapping other conference resources. With this grant covering all administrative expenses, all donations directly fund four critical programs designed to identify and develop clergy leaders for the church of tomorrow.
As the Texas Annual Conference continues to face a tidal wave of retirements over the next decade, strategies are falling into place to identify, recruit and develop young clergy to lead the church of tomorrow. The latest development comes in the form of a $100,000 grant from the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry’s Young Clergy Initiative program.
The Young Clergy Initiative is charged with increasing the number of young clergy within The United Methodist Church by encouraging opportunities that leverage for denominational change on systemic and cultural levels through various conversations, events, experiments, resources, research, and training.
“Our grant, for the highest amount given, validates the recent and future work of the Texas Annual Conference to prepare a new generation of leadership through our Emerging Leaders Initiative,” notes Bishop Janice Huie. “These programs are already demonstrating encouraging results in increasing the numbers of young people considering joining the clergy.”
Under Bishop Huie’s direction, the Emerging Leaders Initiative offers innovative opportunities for the practice of ministry through four primary programs: 

  1. Texas Youth Academy, a two-week summer program for high school students.
  2. College Pastoral Internship Project, a ten-week immersion in the life of a church.
  3. Ambassador Grants, helping young clergy retire their seminary debt.
  4. Advancing Pastoral Leadership, an advanced discipleship program for young pastors who demonstrate the highest potential for leadership.
This Initiative allows the conference to take a comprehensive approach to the recruitment, development, and sustainment of young clergy, equipping them with the practices and skills that will sustain them over a lifetime of ministry. Through each of the programs currently offered individual lives, congregations, and communities are already being transformed.
“Since we launched the Endowment in 2011, just over 300 people have donated, helping us raise nearly $4,000,000 to date,” adds Bishop Huie. “Now, we pay for these programs through a combination of grants and program budgets. I would like to see our conference raise at least $15 million for the Endowment to ensure that these critical programs are always fully funded so that we are consistently cultivating and nurturing new generations of young, gifted, diverse people.”
“The ELE is a fundraising project unlike any other that the conference has undertaken in the past,” adds Bishop Huie, “so it is very helpful to have the support of the Young Clergy Initiative grant to support the administration of the campaign. When it is fully funded, the endowment will ensure that the programs can function without the need for ongoing fundraising or additional apportionment funding.”
Those who would like to contribute a gift that will impact ministry in the Texas Annual Conference for generations to come, can send a check payable to Heartspring Methodist Foundation for the Emerging Leaders Endowment. Please mail to Bishop Huie’s office at The Texas Annual Conference, 5215 Main St., Houston, Texas 77002 or contact Heartspring Methodist Foundation to arrange a gift. 

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