Bishop Huie Heading Your Way for Annual District Visits

Date Posted: 9/7/2014

The Year of “Training Transformational Clergy and Lay Leaders” kicks off with Bishop Janice Huie’s trek across Texas to meet with clergy and laity via 9 district meetings between September 27 and October 15. Plan now to enjoy our Methodist connection at its best.
Did you know…that Bishop Janice R. Huie established the annual district visits shortly after arriving in the Texas Annual Conference? “Previous bishops made itinerations for special causes, such as missions,” explains B.T. Williamson, Assistant to the Bishop, “but she is the first one that made it a point to visit every year and interact with clergy and laity in every district of the conference.  The attendance and feedback has been very positive.” In fact, Bishop Huie visited every church during her first year, and in some of the years following, made two visits through the districts in 12-months’ time.
Each district visit typically attracts about 200 participants and includes a devotional, presentation, interactive group participation and opportunities for clergy-focused and laity-focused mini-meetings.
The TAC 4 year focus of Investing in the Young and Growing Vibrant Congregations
have served as the themes of the last two sets of visits, setting the stage for the 2014 focus on Training Transformational Lay and Clergy Leaders.  “The Bishop will be talking about four qualities of leadership: courageous leading, faith talking, compassion sharing and bridge building.  Attendees will also hear stories/videos focusing on leaders from our annual conference who emulate these qualities,” adds B.T.
“At the end of the day, these visits are held to empower the local congregation, so we always encourage attendees to share their experiences with their individual churches. We also encourage the local congregations to extend a special invitation to young leaders and members to attend this interactive forum.”