Thanks for Being Part of the Summer District Activity Challenge

Date Posted: 7/11/2013

The results are in:


1st Place – West District

2nd Place – Central North District

3rd Place – North District


Here are the final rankings:



Other Cool Statistics:


Most District Participants – North District (20), North West (17), South and Central South tied (16)

Top Women – Leslie Brimmage (CN), Amy Hodge (N), Brenda Calhoun (NW), Becky Hand (W) & Kimberly Brasher (NW)

Top Men – Wayne Welborn (N), Bobby Horn (N), Fred Willis (E), Mike Deaton (NW), Samuel Cutrone (W)

Top Couples – Jerome & Leslie Brimmage (CN), Carl & Pam Lundberg (E), Robert & Elizabeth Stutes (W), Fred & Sarah Willis (E), Patrick & Deb Evans (E)

Last but not least – Top District Superintendents – Bill Taylor (N), Jay Jackson (SW), Kip Gilt (S)



Now is your time to tell us what you think: Was it fun? Was it worth it? Would you do it again?

Ideas for future challenges. Please send your thoughts to Just a reminder – if you ever have problems with your pedometer or cord – call VirginHealthMiles at 1-800-830-4312. 

The next quarter for $50 earnings is underway and ends September 28.