To Watch "Killer in the Dark" Contact Your NBC Affiliate

Date Posted: 6/25/2013

Dear Church Leaders,

Each Tuesday night during this past TV season, 21.9 million people watched Pauley Perrette play Abby Sciuto, the forensic specialist on the No. 1 TV series “NCIS,” as she combated formidable killers.

Her involvement in the "NCIS" storyline was key to taking down these killers. But in real life, Pauley is a United Methodist helping to take down the real Killer in the Dark -- malaria. And, Pauley says, YOUR involvement is key.

Pauley narrates the updated version of the compelling documentary, "A Killer in the Dark,” that will air on NBC stations through Nov. 3. Produced by United Methodist Communications in collaboration with Interfaith Broadcasting Commission, this television event features diverse voices from both the United States and Africa who work together to stop this preventable and treatable disease that claims a life every 60 seconds. First produced in 2011, this new version reflects progress, new research and scientific advancements.

Spread the Word and Save Lives!
Thanks to your support, malaria’s death rate is almost half of what it was in 2006. Let’s wipe out the other half! We need your support to do it. Please contact your local NBC affiliate and request they air this lifesaving program.

To find the contact information for your local NBC affiliate and to download a sample script for emailing them, go to


Contact your local NBC affiliate and download a sample script for emailing them from


Thank you!

Bishop Thomas J. Bickerton    
Chairperson, Global Health Initiative