Tell Your Change the World Stories on Pinterest

Date Posted: 4/11/2013

If the third time is a charm, the fourth time must even be better.

Change the World 2013 marks the fourth year of bringing United Methodists together to make a global impact during weekend of May 14-15. Last year, United Methodists completed world-changing projects in more than 1,500 across the globe. With innumerable ways to take part, what is your church planning? Sophia Agtarap, minister of online engagement for Rethink Church, encourages all Methodists to share their ideas and projects on the Change the World Pinterest “board.”

Pinterest, a popular addiction serving as a social “bulletin board” has become the fastest-growing new social media platform, and offers unlimited opportunities to search ideas and post visually compelling content. “If you don’t use Pinterest,” notes Sophia, “just tweet me your pictures at #changetheworld and we will pin them on the board for you. For Pinterest fans, here’s a link for reviewing and posting your church or family activities:

 “I hope our congregations are also planning great things for their communities and eager to share these stories with their conference and public forums such as Pinterest. This will give the Methodist church a great deal of visibility in both a physical world and an online world where people are literally searching daily,” adds TAC Communication Director Paula Arnold.