Nominations Open: Proposed New Missions Committee

Date Posted: 3/28/2013

“We are in an Acts 2 moment in the history of our conference.  God has literally assembled the nations of the earth in our midst. What an incredible opportunity, and what a challenge,” says Rev. Diane McGehee, Director of TAC Center for Missional Excellence.  With this opportunity and challenge, new strategies and new team members are needed to enhance and further develop the work we are already doing. That’s the thinking behind the Realignment Task Force for the Center for Missional Excellence. “Members of the Realignment Task Force have been looking at our collective body of missional work with fresh eyes in recent months, to identify what we are doing well, where we could improve, and what was needed to help us more effectively reach our neighbors, our nation, and the world for Jesus Christ.” The task force included a cross section of representatives from Partners in Mission and TACCOR, as well as clergy and lay leaders who were new to the table. Task force members solicited input from all Missional Excellence committees to learn how each committee was fulfilling its purpose within the dictates of the Book of Discipline, the TAC’s 3 foci, and the growing multi-cultural needs in the mission field.

After analyzing all of the reports within the current structure, the Realignment Task Force found that there was a need for:

·         better coordination and communication between missional vision and engagement at the local, district and conference levels

·         the development of new programs, while allowing programs that were working well to continue

·         greater focus on empowerment rather than dependency models for mission

·         young and new voices to guide the development of new programs to help local congregations to engage missionally in their neighborhoods and beyond

·         coordinate the sending arm of the Center with its justice and advocacy arm

·         develop a proposed plan for further development of the property in Conroe (for vote at 2014 Conference)

Based on the above analysis, the Realignment Committee is proposing the creation of a new Mission Committee,  that will replace PIM and Sending Ministries and is requesting a vote on that proposal at Annual Conference.  The proposal also includes other slight adjustments in the alignment of the Center for Missional Excellence as well as the creation of a new task force to develop a proposed plan for the further development of the property in Conroe.


Nominations for New Committee due by April 15: Help guide the future

The Nominations Committee of the Texas Annual Conference is working to identify those with gifts and passions related to mission outreach to serve on this proposed new Task Force. Please fill out and submit this questionnaire by April 15 if you, or someone you know is interested in guiding the future.