"Step Up" Your Commitment to Health

Date Posted: 2/14/2013

Taking care of our body, God’s temple, is about to get more interesting. Watch for details for TAC group health participants who can ‘get moving and get rewards’ beginning March 1. 

Take an afternoon spin on a bicycle, an evening walk with the dog…time on the golf course even counts! The goal of TAC’s new HealthMiles campaign will be to move more in the coming weeks. Not only will participants feel better – they will be rewarded!

It Pays to be Active

 “For the next year, we will be setting our sights on wellness through this program because we want to positively impact the health and vitality of UMC clergy, lay participants and their spouses in the Texas Annual Conference,” says Rev. Gail Ford-Smith, Director of the Center for Clergy Excellence. “In fact our program partner, The Center for Health, was created to further a commitment to assist in improving healthy behaviors for the entire United Methodist Church (UMC) population.” 

Since regular physical activity is known to help lower the risk for many chronic illnesses and conditions, this program has been designed to help participants at varying levels of health and fitness to get involved at their own pace. 

Get Started and Earn Real Dollars Along the Way

Eligible participants must be in the Group Health Benefits Plan, but they do not have to attend a Day of Wellness. Once enrolled: 

·         Participants will sign on to the plan sponsor’s custom Virgin HealthMiles web page and complete a wellness profile. Participants will share the cost of the pedometer with the Conference – paying only $9.99.

·         Participants that sign up will then receive a GoZone pedometer to track daily physical activity, a personal LifeZone website for monitoring personal progress, challenges to keep things exciting, and opportunity to compete with others, all of the health benefits of being physically active – and there’s more!

·         Participants will earn HealthMile points and ultimately gift cards or cash as they accrue and upload pedometer information, make activity journal entries and perform other bonus tasks. Incentives will be $50 per quarter for reaching your goals, with an additional annual bonus. 

The Buzzzz on the Street

Sign me mp! I need the motivation to get moving!! – Pam Cline, Associate Pastor, First Methodist- Katy 

I would love to do this. I started walking again and this might keep me motivated! – TAC Partners in Mission Director Kathie Mann 

Tammy and I are thrilled to participate in this program. We are already committed to walking, but having that pedometer on us should stimulate even more faithfulness. Let me know how to sign up. – District Superintendent Kip Gilts 

Watch for informative e-mails prior to the program launch on March 1.