National Institute in Church Finance and Administration 2013

Date Posted: 1/16/2013

How can I help keep my church out of legal or financial trouble? How can I make my job easier and more productive? Twitter, Facebook, the Internet, how can these tools be used in my church's ministry? How can my church be a better organization? Where can I build networking relationships with other professionals?

The answers for church administrators, financial secretaries and clergy, can be found at The National Institute in Church Finance and Administration (NICFA).

Registration for is open the 2013 National Institute in Church Finance and Administration;-training for church administrators, volunteers, secretaries and laity sponsored by GCFA.


NICFA at Emory University’s Candler School of Theology powers the business of ministry by training church administrators, pastors, and volunteers in the business of running a church. Legal and tax matters; personnel, office and financial management; strategic planning; conflict resolution—churches that attend to these details allow ministry to thrive. United Methodists receive an automatic $250 scholarship for each week.


Master these skills at NICFA as you:

• Start on the path to Church Business Administrator certification

• Benefit from Candler’s outstanding faculty and  state-of-the-art instructional space

• Learn through mentoring, cohort groups, networking,  and online options even after the class term ends

• Choose to attend one week or up to four weeks


Scheduled Workshops:

Seminar I -A June 3-7

Seminar I -B June 10-14

Seminar II -A  June 17-21

Seminar II -B June 24-28


Register Online

Use discount code “adminhelp” before March. 31, 2013 to receive $50 off registration.


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