TAC Re-energizing From the Ground Up

Date Posted: 1/10/2013

Year after year, January serves as the universal ‘re-launch’ date for people to refocus on new goals and resolutions for the year ahead. Likewise, this January, individuals and churches across the conference are revisiting their personal, professional and spiritual aspirations to make 2013 the best year yet.


Part of that newfound inspiration includes a renewed focus on TAC’s From the Ground Up designed to provide seed money for new churches in areas of high growth through a program allowing individuals and groups to purchase “shares” that offer eternal rewards. “Although this program has existed under several different names for the last few decades, there is a new energy behind it as we prepare to re-launch it across the conference,” says Congregational Excellence Director Dr. Don Waddleton. “Pastors and congregations can shine the spotlight on this critical ministry on February 10 - what has already been accomplished and what can yet be accomplished if we join hands and make it a priority to expand our new church starts in the years to come. The future of Methodism depends on the growth of both new and existing churches.”


Think Like a Church Planter

Churches old and new can often struggle to keep their ministries up and running. According to a report titled, "The State of Church Planting in the United States," the majority of church plants make it through their first year in existence, but only 68% of them survive through their fourth year.


Just as gardeners understand the importance of keeping their seedlings healthy and sturdy to nurture the growing process, pastors of new church starts and existing churches must leverage all resources to see their ministries continue to grow as they reach more people for Jesus Christ.


Through the From the Ground Up program, individuals can bolster these seedling churches by pledging to buy “shares” in the ministry over time.


For those that were unaware of this opportunity or had forgotten, TAC’s re-launch of From the Ground Up will bring a new focus to a very successful program that has launched at least one new church in every district of the Texas Annual Conference in recent years.


Sunday, February 10

As the re-launch Sunday approaches, church members can look for posters, bulletin inserts, testimonials from recipient churches and stories of life change that have made this ministry a success for many years. The map illustrating new church starts made possible by this program is both inspirational and educational.  If you wish to make a donation directly to the conference for this initiative, make checks payable to From the Ground Up and mail directly to The Texas Annual Conference, 5215 Main St., Houston, Texas 77002, attention:  Lynn Davis.


In the next few issues, churches that have been started with donations received From the Ground Up will share some of the blessings behind this critical program to expand the United Methodist church throughout Texas.