From the United Kingdom... Lovelady, Texas

Date Posted: 1/10/2013

A unique relationship with a church “across the pond” developed when Lovelady UMC member Carolyn Huffington explored finding a “sister” church in Europe and learning about their unique culture. Carolyn discovered a church of similar size in Darby, England and began an email friendship.


Initially, church members wrote letters of encouragement, prayed for each other and shared ideas. Soon the supportive relationship led to an invitation to visit Lovelady – to make a special first visit to celebrate Lovelady UMC’s 100th anniversary in 2010. Jean Parton of Thomas Road Methodist Church in Darby had such a good time, she returned with several other congregants to visit their “sister church” in Lovelady late last year.


Southern hospitality was at full throttle as they were treated to a Texas barbeque with live entertainment from a local bluegrass band. The English guests noted a distinct difference in food, weather, home sizes – and they enjoyed experiencing a John Wesley service at Lovelady UMC along with several Texas tourist spots.


In an article featured in the Houston County News Magazine, Jean said, “I think it’s fascinating that we are both reading the same gospel lesson and scriptures and we are across the world from one another – it’s that common thread.”