Philanthropy at Year-End

Date Posted: 12/13/2012

There is something special about the last months of the year. The crisp weather is invigorating, and Thanksgiving and Christmas bring family and friends together.

November and December are also the most generous months of the year. Churches and other charities report they receive about 40 percent of the entire year’s giving during these months.

In addition to a cash gift, you also can support your church / charities with gifts of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, insurance and real estate, among other non-cash sources. If you need help to make this gift or have questions, give us a call. We at Heartspring have helped hundreds of donors find the best approach to giving for them and their charity.

Finding your passion

Charitable giving today is about a lot more than performing a duty or obligation; it is about making a difference. Today’s philanthropy is about donors wanting to make something happen and then taking specific steps toward that goal. Peter Goldmark, former president of the Rockefeller Foundation has described philanthropy as “the practice of applying assets of knowledge, passion and wealth to bring about constructive change.”

The Philanthropic Initiative (TPI) located in Boston is a nonprofit advisory group that designs, carries out and evaluates philanthropic programs for individual donors, families, foundations and corporations. Its research has determined that there is a “philanthropic curve” that many donors follow.


Donors typically start somewhere on the lower end of the curve, and later find the “passion” that inspires them to make a difference and change the world though a specific charitable emphasis. These efforts can take place within the local congregation or outside the church.

We at Heartspring encourage everyone to carefully think about their core family values and interests and what their true passions are. Heartspring can help you access resources available from groups like TPI and others to help develop a strategic philanthropic strategic plan and move your giving to a new level. Strategic charitable efforts in the past have accomplished such things as the eradication of yellow fever, medical missions, medical education and development of children’s educational programs such as “Sesame Street.”

Regardless of where you are on the philanthropic curve, we do invite your generosity to your church and other charities you support. Your support will make a difference, and help those in need.  Please contact us about ways we can assist you in meeting your charitable goals. For more information, call 713-533-3780 (800-521-9617) or email