TAC Office "Delivers"

Date Posted: 12/13/2012

The postal service is not the only group in town bustling to and fro with packages to deliver. In November, the staff collected over 40 blankets for the Wesley Community Center to distribute this winter. And in December, the staff of the Texas Annual Conference decided to hit the streets of the neighborhood around the Main Street offices and deliver beautiful baskets of homemade goodies to a dozen of the businesses in the immediate vicinity.


“The guard at the Museum of Fine Arts told us he was a retired Methodist minister and was so proud that we were extending the gift of holiday hospitality to area businesses on behalf of Methodists,” reports Nancy Hinshaw, executive secretary to Bishop Janice Huie.


Recipients included several nonprofits and churches in the area, a gas station, bank and St. Paul’s UMC where the TAC holds meetings on occasion. “I am so excited about this tasty gesture of outreach,” notes Bishop Huie. “The Conference office is modeling what we are encouraging our churches to do – go out and meet the neighbors and let them experience the servant heart of the Methodist faith firsthand.”