United Methodist Pastor Writes "Hunger Games" Bible Study

Date Posted: 11/8/2012

A Bible study using the popular “Hunger Games Movie” has been written by a United Methodist pastor and is being offered free to anyone interested in doing such a study.


The Rev. Doug Wintermute, pastor of DeKalb First United Methodist Church in DeKalb, Texas, wrote the four-week Bible study and led the study at the church he serves this fall.


At each of the four sessions a portion of “The Hunger Games” movie was shown, and then the theological themes and scriptures related to those themes were explored and discussed.


The Bible study is designed for senior high youth as well as adults. It is not recommended for small children due to the nature of the movie.


“The Hunger Games” set attendance records when it was released in March of this year. The film, based on the first book of the Hunger Games trilogy written by Suzanne Collins, is a science fiction story based in the future.


In the post-apocalyptic society, North America has become the nation of Panem. The Capital, which exerts strong military control over its 12 “Districts,” requires the selection of a boy and girl, aged 12-18, which are then forced to fight to the death in a nationally televised event that is a major celebration in the capital.


“There are many theological themes in this movie, which makes it great for a Bible study,” said Wintermute. “The concept of sacrifices, of laying one’s life down for another, the abuse of power, and how humans from different ends of the social spectrum interact with each other are all themes that are found in the Bible. I hope the study assists participants in learning how to reflect theologically on not only these themes, but in their the things they encounter in their everyday lives as well.” 

Those interested in the Bible study can contact Wintermute at dekalbpreacher@aol.com and the study will be emailed to them.