Church Inviting Families to Halloween Party

Date Posted: 10/25/2012

Like tailgating at a sporting event, Trunk or Treat is way for families and neighbors to celebrate and have fun together from the back of their vehicle.


Trunk or Treat is League City United Methodist Church’s annual Halloween party that is free of charge. It will occur at the church, 1411 West Main Street, on Sunday, Oct. 28 at 5 p.m.


“The idea is not original but we heard about others doing it and we thought it would be a blast,” said Children’s Ministries Director Andrea Pritchard. “And it was a great answer to a carnival, which we wanted to get away from because it competed with the fall school carnivals.”


Children and parents come to the church parking lot and decorate the trunks of their cars with different themes. Many parents will dress in a costume that goes along with their theme. In the trunks of the cars there can be candy and prizes. “We felt it was important to not make this event cost prohibitive because we think that anyone who wants to attend should be part of the celebration,” said Pritchard.


Many cars will have games as part of their presentation. When it comes to decorating vehicles, there are the obvious choices, such as using traditional Halloween items such as pumpkins, spider webbing, spiders, brooms, bats and cauldrons. Others have chosen themes like Noah’s Ark, western, disco, movies, fishing and pirates. 


“We give out awards to several people who have decorated their trunk well. This year, we plan to hand out awards for best Bible Story Theme, Most Original and People’s Choice,” said Pritchard. “Winners will receive either a fall-themed gift or a gift card.”


Pritchard, who has served as the Children’s Director almost seven years, has enlisted about 50 families to put on the event, which is free to the public. “You don’t have to wear a costume, but this is a great time to show it off,” she said.


Inside the church’s Family Life Center, there will be a maze for kids to wander through and a cake walk. There will be a hayrack ride as well as free hot dogs, popcorn and drinks.


“The hayrack ride has always been a hit and we had to save it from our carnival days,” said Pritchard. “One of our church members, Sid Worthy, rides the kids around the church grounds and you should see the smiles on their faces.”


The parking lot will be opened at 4 p.m. so people can arrive and start decorating. This form of mobile trick-or-treating is quickly growing in popularity where conventional door-to-door trick-or-treating is difficult, unsafe or not very practical.


“We start it at 5 p.m. so people can have sunlight to see,” said Pritchard. “It really gets people in the mood for Halloween and everyone has a great time.”


To find out more or to volunteer to help, call Pritchard at 281-332-1557 or email her at To find out more about League City United Methodist Church, go to