Lakeview 2012 Strategic Planning Team Report

Date Posted: 10/25/2012

The Lakeview Strategic Planning Team has worked for the past 9 months to determine how Lakeview can best be positioned over the next decade to maximize its potential as a “Destination by Design.”


Using the master plan created by the Department of Landscape Architecture at Texas A&M University, the team prioritized their work into three areas:


§  Facility Needs


§  Governance


§  Resource Development


The Strategic Plan recommendations include fundraising, marketing, staff alignment, and the future of Lakeview. Out of that comes a prioritization of what building components Lakeview wants to begin working on immediately.


SPT Final Report (PDF)


Strategic Plan Summary (PDF)


Lakeview Master plan (PDF)


Lakeview website


Lakeview on Facebook


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