Hispanic Ministries Experiencing Momentum

Date Posted: 10/11/2012

Joint worship experiences provide the forum for Hispanic ministries from across the region to come together for physical and spiritual nourishment.


Over 300 adults and over 50 children from Hispanic congregations across the conference met at the Gethsemane campus of St. Luke’s UMC on Sunday, October 7 to share a meal and a family oriented worship service in Spanish. Representative churches included:

·         First UMC Bryan

·         Moody Memorial

·         St. Paul’s Houston

·         Gethsemane/St.Luke’s

·         Christway Community Church

·         First UMC Conroe

·         Clear Lake UMC

·         Eglesia Fuente de Vida

·         First UMC Houston

·         Cypress UMC

·         Fairhaven UMC


“The Center for Missional Excellence works year-round to nurture, empower and affirm the emerging Hispanic ministries across the state,” says Center Director Rev. Diane McGehee.  “We see the level of excitement and commitment double when the ministries can engage with others in similar communities of faith at these types of joint services.” Attendees enjoyed a special cake celebrating Hispanic ministry, and special music provided by a band from the Conexion Al Reino ministry at Cypress UMC.


Spotlight: Conexion Al Reino


"Conexion Al Reino," the Spanish Ministry at Cypress UMC that started in March of 2011, now averages a weekly attendance of 45 at the Spanish-only service at 1pm.  “We have a huge banner outside the building that states the name of the ministry and time that the service takes place,” says Pastor Juana Avila, “but for the most part, we let God do the promoting for us.”  The ministry is featured on the Cypress UMC website at www.cypressunited.org/ministry/ministerio-hispano/bienvenido with information on Bible studies, women's activities, dance, vigils, drama, and men's group events.


Adds Pastor Juana, “God is doing amazing work -- first in my life for giving me the privilege to serve him and others. God has been bringing people out of the street and walking through the doors -- people that are in great need of Him and desire to know this God that we serve. We are thankful for the amazing volunteer leaders who share their teaching and musical talents in this ministry.” Pastor Juana is not ready to stop here.


“I'm so excited because God has already blessed us with so much, but I know this is only the beginning of what God has in store for us. One of the things that God has placed in my heart for this ministry is to have a marriage conference.”


For more information: javila@cypress-umc.org Facebook: www.facebook/cypressumc Twitter: http://twitter.com/cypressumc