Bishop Huie's District Visits Continue

Date Posted: 10/18/2012

Clergy and laity will meet together with Bishop Janice Huie this fall in a series of strategic joint meetings to consider the heritage and future of the United Methodist church. The theme is "Why the World Needs the UMC."

“As we discuss our identity and purpose, that commonality is best fostered and discussed in a group together,” says Bishop Huie. “When asked about what Wesleyan theology represents, different people may pull out different aspects, so I want to revisit our heritage and review key components such as holy living, disciplined spirituality and faith into works so that we are all living it out in the same way. We will be talking about who we are, and what our purpose is as a denomination and I’ll invite participants to give input as we determine why the world needs Methodists.”

Meetings will also include a visionary discussion related to the three areas of focus that provide priorities for the conference. “And,” adds Bishop Huie, “I will look forward to hearing how churches are answering my challenge to partner with local schools and invest in the young,.” Refer to this chart for key dates and locations.