Lakeview: Planning for the Future

Date Posted: 8/22/2012

“We’ve started moving Lakeview to be more relevant to the kids that come here,” said Matt Idom – Director of Lakeview. “We don’t coordinate summer camp – we host summer camp. My job is to make sure those that are holding, leading, preaching, praying, working, directing, and inspiring at summer camp are successful at that. That means that a good meal has to be served, life guards have to be in place, and facilities have to be functioning, for all those dynamics to take place.”


A master plan has recently been completed – a 250 page study of how to utilize the camp’s 1300 acres –conducted by Texas A&M’s school of landscape and urban Architecture. (It is available on Lakeview’s website.)


“We’re going from there to our strategic plan which will be presented to the board in September,” Idom continued. “The strategic plan is going to make recommendations to the board about governance, financial development - including money raising, marketing, staff alignment - and the future of Lakeview. Out of that will come a prioritization of what building components we want to begin working on immediately.”


Challenges Ahead

Idom said their biggest challenge is replacing a lot of an old physical plant at one time. “We’re taking care of our foundational piece… It’s not like just one part of it needs repairing. A large part of it needs repairing quickly. It would be one thing if I needed $2 million for one set of dorms. We’ve got 1200 beds here. Two sets of dorms need to be replaced because our primary constituency are kids at camp, adults at choir camp, and Aggies at fish camp.”


By October they plan to complete a logging operation to generate adequate income for Lakeview to engage architects to begin the design phase of building additions. Idom said he will also be working on raising funds from individuals and local congregations, but also extending their past efforts to include corporations and grants.


Moving Forward

They are also planning to update their current facilities while adding new amenities designed to generate income. Idom says he will focus on taking care of the kids’ needs first because that is Lakeview’s historic mission.


Planned enhancements being submitted to the strategic planning team include:


  1. Phase I 
    • Replace Windham and Wesley Dorms
    • Renovate Roy Hall, Snack Shack/Game Room, Laundry and Bike room and exterior of east and west side into a multi-function facility akin to a student union center on a college campus.
    • Relocate both Laundry and Maintenance facilities.
    • Add an up-scale destination RV park
    • Establish Hiking and Biking trails
    • Set up a tent camping site on west side of Lake Wilson
    • Install central oval landscaping and design



  1. Phase II 
    • Expand Fair Village from 7 to 14 cabins and parking. Three of these facilities should be handicap-accessible “tree” house structures along the lake frontage.
    • Expand Family Life facilities
    • Construct Labyrinth, Columbarium, outdoor worship court adjacent to Peace Chapel
    • Renovate Central Building and Coffee Shop
    • Expand or relocate office


  1. Phase III 
    • Add Recreation Venues: BMX, Extreme Games, Ball field, etc.
    • Construct Outdoor Education Center and Residential Staff quarters (Conversion of Smith Camp)
    • Build Outdoor Amphitheater on Lake Lemons
    • Add Water Park
    • Erect Walking bridge spanning Lake Lemons from Morton Lodge to Cross Island to Central Building Atrium


Connecting with Lakeview

Idom said they want the support of every single congregation. “As a conference we really want to lift up the young people and empower them and excite them about this walk of faith. Camp is a huge part of that and we want it to be… My joy is that I see this beautiful estuary, where people are flowing in and out, having renewal and new life is born… I am inspired by the stories of renewal, rededication, and calls to ministry, I met my wife here, and on, and on, and on. Every time I go somewhere!”


“We want them to experience the life transforming grace of Christ,” he continued. “For those who are there at camp that’s what we want, but at the same time we want to be clear that we’re a partner with every local church. We want to be a part of that growth and discipleship that is the heart of every church so we’re trying to make a concerted effort to connect back with the churches to help them understand the experiences the youth have had. Send us your prayers or your gifts or your stories. There are so many ways to support this ministry.”


See the master plan online


Lakeview website