Innovative Ministry Spotlight: ChristWay Community

Date Posted: 8/9/2012



Books + Food + Kids equals a winning summer recipe for ChristWay Community Church, one of the conference's newest Hispanic based ministries. This congregation is off and running with the Bishop's challenge to "Invest in the Young!"


Three years ago, a Friendswood ISD principal contacted Pastor Artie Cadar to seek ChristWay UMC’s help in enhancing the reading skills of Hispanic children in their schools.

The problem: Hispanic children with non-English speaking parents at home were falling behind in reading classes for lack of practice with the English language over the summer vacation months. The solution: To bring the church to the neighbors.


“Our part in the solution consisted of developing a 6-week, once a week, 3-hour, Summer Reading Program that we could bring to these children right where they lived. The children enhanced their reading skills by reading Bible stories, and the Bible, according to their respective grade levels. They also engaged in making children’s crafts that made the stories being read come alive for them. We also fed them donuts in the mornings and sent them home with a sack lunch.” Adds Cadar, “We started our Summer Reading Program three years ago with a trailer park that sits really close to our church. Since then, we have expanded the Summer Reading Program to 3 different locations in our mission field, serving 72 children, in the name of Jesus.