Fight Back Against Human Trafficking

Date Posted: 7/12/2012

This June, the Texas Annual Conference passed a resolution to take a stand against human trafficking, and FUMC Caldwell is among the first to take the torch for this cause by planning a special event to increase awareness. Clergy, mission team, lay leaders and others who have a heart to stop this sickening abuse are invited to attend on Saturday, August 25, from 10-noon.


Attendees will learn more about the crisis of human trafficking and what their church can begin right now to fight it. Dennis Mark, executive director of Redeemed Ministries will be presenting (” The information and stories he will share about the magnitude of this problem and what they are doing about it are absolutely incredible,” says Pastor Todd Jordan. “Once you hear what’s going on, you really can’t believe it. The good news is we can make a difference.”


Lunch and the event are free with the donation of a $5 gift card to McDonalds, Sonic, Starbucks or Chick-fil-A. If churches want to support this, but cannot make it to the event, they can send their gift cards by August 23 to:

FUMC Caldwell

306 W Fox St

Caldwell, TX  77836   


“Over the next year,” notes Diane McGehee, Missional Excellence Center Director,  “Church and Society is partnering with our Missions office to focus on human trafficking and immigration, as part of a renewed momentum to reach and care for our local neighbors mission campaign.” Adds McGehee, “I encourage all churches of the TAC to help us address this issue, and all churches in this district to attend or send gift cards. I want to mobilize this effort by throwing down a personal challenge for our conference to bring or send at least 200 gift cards to help impact this important cause.”


Churches can contact or call the church at 979-567-3778 by August 18 to preregister. All are invited.