TAC: New and Improved!

Date Posted: 7/12/2012

In an effort to streamline and revitalize Conference communications -- and bring focused attention to the delegation-approved Top Three priorities, the Texas Annual Conference is rolling out a new logo and  this new electronic version of the Cross Connection. The administrative office and district offices will also take on a new and improved persona with accessories and meaningful artwork that reflects our mission to empower disciples of Jesus Christ to transform the world. While it will take some time to completely replace the old with the new, we hope you will enjoy the metamorphosis and feel the new sense of energy and clearer ministry purpose.

1-   BETTER STEWARDS of CONFERENCE BUDGET MONEY– The printed Cross Connection (with staff, printing and mailing  expenses) was produced at a cost of $136k annually and only reached 2% of congregants, clergy and friends of the conference. We hope to build our email list, so Bishop Huie is asking individuals, churches and districts to submit email addresses to Communications to help expand the database.

2-   BETTER STEWARDS of READERS’ TIME -Instead of sending a dozen different newsletters, e-blasts and newspapers a month, TAC is consolidating information and messages in fewer communication pieces and in a way that will allow recipients to pick and choose what they want to learn more about.


As a communicator for Cypress UMC, I find the new changes in communications from the Texas Annual Conference are refreshing. They are simple and thoughtful and the new logo is modern and relevant. Our church has been doing an electronic newsletter for years, so I was happy to see the Texas Annual Conference going in that direction. Although change can be hard in the beginning, we must keep the message of Jesus relevant and fresh so that we can reach more for Christ. I am proud to be a part of this Annual Conference. –Sarah Holbrook, Communications Director for Cypress UMC

See Paula Arnold's Presentation on new communication's initiatives delivered at Annual Conference 2012