Recent Sermons from Around the Conference

Date Posted: 7/5/2012

The following links to sermons were selected at random for your enjoyment. They are listed in no particular order.


Old School – Rev. Don Smith

St. Peter’s UMC, Katy


Thankful Living – Dr. John Robbins

Marvin UMC, Tyler


Don't Wait Until It's Raining to Build an Ark – Rev. Deborah Proctor

Deer Park UMC


God’s Kingdom Ben Burnside

FUMC Beaumont


Celebrating Peace in the Midst of the Storm – Rev. Rusty young

Holy Covenant UMC, Houston


The Twelve: Nathaniel – Dr. Tom Pace

St. Luke’s UMC, Houston   


Is there Such a Thing as Freedom? – Rev. Amy Haralson

Bellville UMC Houston


The Witness – Rev. Ernie Turney

Bering Memorial UMC, Houston


What Does it Take to Grow in Christ – Rev. Jim Bass

Friendswood UMC 


The Bread of Life – Rev. Elizabeth Duffin

Lakewood UMC, Houston


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