Conference Food Drive Yields More than 2,500 Pounds of Food

Date Posted: 6/25/2012

The conference food drive yielded 2,641 lbs of food (or an average of 66 40-lb boxes)! “Great job on the collection,” says Food Bank Operations Manager Jeff Gordon. “We sorted and made it available to the food pantries in Galveston County within days of the conference.”


Kudos as well go to Moody Memorial UMC member and conference delegate Mark Davis, director of the Food Bank and TAC coordinator Shirley Broome for coordinating this needed labor of love.


“This is extravagant generosity in action,” says TAC food drive volunteer Martin Hinshaw. “We asked for two cans of food and on, an average, we received six for each person that came by.


Many people commented that they had a food pantry at their own church, but they heard of the need in Galveston and responded.” Adds Hinshaw, “It is good to be Methodist.”