What do YOU see?

Date Posted: 5/30/2012

Bishop Huie’s new book asks a question for children and adults alike – What do YOU see?


Flash back a few decades and imagine Bishop Huie as a young girl growing up as Janice Riggle on a ranch in Beeville, Texas. She has fond memories of time shared with her father driving around the ranch checking the cattle. One of Bishop Huie’s life changing childhood memories has recently been captured in a children’s book titled, What Do You See?


 Her story focuses on a time when Beeville was in the worst drought on record. As she and her father sat in the truck, looking out over the drought infected pastures, he asked her the important question: “Janice, what do you see?” That powerful question has been significant for our Bishop as she has asked herself the question over and again throughout her ministry.


The book shares the story of her father’s guidance in helping her to see with hope and possibility, even in times of drought – seeing with eyes of faith over despair – abundance over drought. This question has never been more significant for Methodist churches collectively facing challenging times. What do you see? If we can’t see it, we can’t do it! Jerry Pennington (TAC Director of Transformation who has been instrumental in getting the book illustrated and printed) says the book began as a coffee table book to be presented to the Bishop as a Christmas gift from the Cabinet.


A child, Payton Leonard, was invited to draw pictures illustrating scenes of the story for the coffee table book. Payton picked up on the theme easily and began asking the “what do you see” question in reference to scenes in her environment that needed a vision of hope and possibility. Jerry said she learned very quickly that this ability was a faith experience as God enables us to see with new eyes. The Cabinet hired a professional children’s book illustrator and presented the Bishop with both

versions for Christmas.


Get your signed copy

A limited preview edition of the book, What Do You See? will be available for $15 during Annual Conference at our Cokesbury book store.


Bishop Janice Riggle Huie says she is looking forward to sharing her story with children and grandchildren with hopes that their experience will be life shaping and fun. She is clear, however, that the story is not just for the children. The message is important for adults as well. She says, “It is my prayer that the Holy Spirit will guide our hearts and minds, enabling us to see with the heart and eyes of God, that we may accomplish God’s purpose in these challenging times.”


Included in the book is a “Suggested Connections” page that offers suggestions that adults may want to use to further the benefits of the book with children. For instance, parents or grandparents, may want to create a game called, “What do you see?” Pennington suggests, “We could point out scenes where we live (maybe from a magazine) that would benefit from people who care to step in and change the scene from drought to abundance, fear to confidence, poverty to plenty, etc.


Then we could talk about the fact that the Holy Spirit enables this and urges us to do something about it. And finally, you might actually share with your child an experience of stepping in to bring light where there is darkness. Discipleship is accomplished!”