2012 Ordination and Commissioning Candidates

Date Posted: 5/14/2012

The 2012 Ordination Class is the largest in recent years and reflects the early success of clergy recruitment efforts in the Texas Annual Conference. This is also the first class to participate in the new Residency process through the Board of Ordained Ministry.


The process, spearheaded by Rev. Mike Proctor, allows each candidate to meet with a team of lay persons in their ministry setting for accountability, learning, and encouragement throughout the residency period. Candidates also meet at the beginning and end of residency with a Residency Effectiveness Team (RET), composed of members of the lay team, members of the Board of Ordained Ministry, other clergy, their District Superintendent, and Senior Pastor (where applicable) to develop a learning plan and goals for their ministry.


As the Residency concludes, the RET makes a recommendation to the Board of Ordained Ministry as to the candidate’s effectiveness in ministry and readiness for Ordination. While the board continues to perfect the process, their desire to bring more voices to the table is undoubtedly making a difference.