This Week in Texas Methodist History

Date Posted: 4/9/2012

As delegates are preparing to travel to General Conference 2012 in Tampa, Florida, it is time to remember the long and arduous journeys delegates in prior years made.

Texas sent only two delegates to the 1844 General Conference which was held in New York City. John Clark, the only southern delegate to side the northern conferences, did not return to Texas. Littleton Fowler, one of the original missionaries, did return, but died less than two years later.  As Fowler made his way from East Texas to New York City, he wrote letters to his wife, Missouri Fowler.


The letters reveal that Fowler combined church business, family business, and shopping as he made his way north. The route took him to Natchitoches, Louisiana, then to New Orleans, then up the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers.  Monday, April 15, 1844, found him in Cincinnati, Ohio.  He had arrived the previous Saturday and…


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