Advancing Pastoral Leadership Program "In Their Own Words"

Date Posted: 4/4/2012

Leadership in developing their capacity for fruitful and strategic congregational leadership.


Each class group participates in a 5-year program that includes retreats, leadership formation and development, mentorship and executive coaching. Applications are available for the 2012 Class of the Advancing Pastoral Leadership program.


If you are an elder with 30 potential years of remaining service to the church, you're eligible to apply. For more information, visit or contact Jenna Arnold, program assistant (713) 521-9383, ext. 319 or


APL has been very successful, as the following comments from clergy who are enrolled in the study will attest:



Matt Neely

“Having moved from being an associate pastor to being a church planter, the learning curve has been tremendous. How to lead, encourage and equip a staff, how to find and keep a focused vision, how to lead a congregation . . . these were things I was not ready for in many ways. The APL program has given me concrete tools to help navigate these challenges. It has helped me to understand who God has wired me to be and to understand how God wants me to lead in my own style. APL has also given me friends to journey with. The relationships God has given me through APL will push and pull me for a lifetime of ministry. APL has stretched me in a lot of very important ways, but it has also been a true joy!” 



Eric Ryburn

“As a person who does not fit the traditional portrait of a pastor, APL has given me an opportunity to explore the nature of pastoral leadership as it pertains to the unique set of spiritual gifts that God has entrusted in me. The APL program did not force me to be something that I was not, but gave me the tools necessary to become an effective pastoral leader in the congregational setting as one who comes from an introverted, analytical background.”


Ben Trammell

“My time in the APL program has brought clarity to how I lead,

increased my capacity to live in and deal with change and challenge, and it has improved my preaching immensely. But the thing I am most grateful for is the catalyst APL has been in my becoming more fully the person and pastor God called and created me to be.”