UMW 2012 Ubuntu Explorer Journeys

Date Posted: 3/13/2012

UMW 2012 Ubuntu Explorer Journeys are scheduled for the Philippines, Northern Ireland, Haiti and Sierra Leone.

Ubuntu Explorer Journeys are unique, short-term mission service opportunities for United Methodist Women to interact with the world through mission partners. Ubuntu Journeys are about women of faith coming together though shared mission to address social issues and discover new ways of working together, supporting one another, and growing spiritually.


United Methodist Women Ubuntu Explorers will expand their understanding of issues that impact the world and their community through mutual learning with women from other cultures. Each Ubuntu Journey connects women to women for a faith and mission opportunity that will:

  • Witness love and struggle; share challenges and opportunities.
  • Enhance cultural awareness; exchange ideas and skills.
  • Learn where the United Methodist Women’s Mission Giving goes to support more than 200 programs in 75 countries.
  • Understand daily life with Methodist and United Methodist, grassroots and ecumenical sisters around the world.

Together with global sisters, United Methodist Women will share the human experience of worship, prayer and spiritual reflection to engage in mission that will cultivate faith, hope and love into action.

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