United Methodist Communications Offers Web, Welcoming Trainings

Date Posted: 2/20/2012

Upcoming United Methodist Communications Trainings

Web Ministry Training

UMCOM is offering four online courses to help you understand how to integrate a web ministry into the broader picture of your church’s outreach. Specifically, learn how to:

·         Set a purpose, goals and action plan for establishing a web ministry.

·         Identify your users and how to meet their needs.

·         Learn the nuts and bolts of websites — from domain name registration to hosting services and from privacy issues to site maps

·         Find software and other resources to enhance your site.

·         Develop content and graphics for your website.

·         Build efficient, effective site navigation.


Course Details
Dates: Feb. 29 to April 11
Register before Feb. 29

Web Ministry 100: What is Web Ministry?    

Web Ministry 101: Discovery and Strategy

Web Ministry 102: Design, Build and Launch        

Web Ministry 103: Maintain and Evaluate

(Each course builds upon previous courses. Please take courses in order.)



How welcoming is your church?

There’s always room for improvement. In Welcoming Ministry 100, you’ll learn how to lead your church in cultivating a dynamic ministry of welcoming. This four-part, online course can be completed in six weeks. Work at your own pace.

In this course, you’ll discover:

·         What it means to be a welcoming, hospitable congregation

·         How to identify and enlist congregants for your church’s welcoming ministry

·         Ways to assess what your church does well in regard to welcoming — as well as areas for possible improvement

·         How to identify what your church is known for

·         How to reach out to the local community.


Welcoming Ministry Course Details

Cost: $29
Dates: Feb. 29 to April 11
Please register before Feb. 29

See Syllabus