North District Offers Lay Speaker Training

Date Posted: 3/13/2012

Lay Speaker Training will be offered by the North District on March 24 - 25 at Lakeview Baptist Assembly Center in Lone Star, Texas.

A lay speaker is an active supportive member of a United Methodist Church; eager to serve through the church; well informed on Scripture, doctrine, heritage, organization and life of The United Methodist Church; committed to witnessing through church and community leadership, care giving ministries and spoken communication; willing to improve his/her skills for service. As lay speakers care, lead and communicate, they encourage, equip and support others for deeper commitment to Christ and to faithful discipleship.


LOCAL CHURCH LAY SPEAKERS serve in and through their local churches; must be recom-mended by their pastor and Church Council or Charge Conference; and complete the Basic Course for Lay Speaking Ministries. Each year they must reapply report-ing how they have served and continued to learn during that year. Every 3 years they must complete a refresher course.


CERTIFIED LAY SPEAKERS serve in their own churches; in other churches; and through District or Conference projects and programs. They must be recommended by their pastor and Church Council or Charge Conference, complete The Basic Course and one Advanced Lay Speaking Course; and be interviewed by the District or Conference Committee on Lay Speaking. They must report and reapply annually and they must complete at least one Advanced Course every three years.


This training will cost $65.00. For additional information:

Contact Teresa Fagan at 903-628-2381 or  


Download Flyer


Send completed form and payment to:

Teresa Fagan

c/o Tapp U.M.C.

P.O. Box 35

New Boston, TX 75570