Human Relations Day is January 15

Date Posted: 1/9/2012

Order free offering resources for this Jan. 15 offering that supports vital community ministries that teach and advocate for justice, especially among people struggling to survive in the margins of society.  

Watch the following videos to see the impact this offering makes:

Hagar’s House Video
This video features Just Us Youth Human Relations Day recipient, Nichol LeBrun and other Global Ministries summer interns at Hagar's House. Hagar's House is a sanctuary for women and children in New Orleans that provides an open and empowering residential community. Interns learn social justice ministry through the Human Relations Day programs.

Foundation of Youth

Driving thru some neighborhoods in New Orleans gives the impression that progression has been  suppressed by the weight of the water. With the focus on basic survival after hurricane katrina, one grassroots organization wanted to make sure the dreams of the city’s youth would not be washed away. In 2007, the fountain of youth foundations was formed to be a refuge for kids dealing with violence in their communities.


Center for Changing Lives

Amanda Destefano knew her summer internship with a global ministries community developer project in chicago would help make a difference. This recent college graduate just didn’t realize the difference would be with her.


NAMS Video-Sacred Pathways

At first glance, this is just a typical small-town home. Its modest appearance gives no indication of all the miracles taking place inside.  On any given day, “Sacred Pathways” in Pembroke, North Carolina is a welcomed stop on a rough road for many trying to find their way.


Union United Methodist Church-Rev. Joseph Abram, Jr.,- Celebrating our pastors


When the decision was made to renovate Union United Methodist church, Rev. Joseph Abram wasted no time helping to put the plan in motion. The congregation of this small church in Barnwell, South Carolina worked for years to fund the first phase of the project.


“Let’s you and I sit down sometimes and look around and ask ourselves what is it the church needs, our community needs.  And when you figure it out, don't try to find somebody else to go do what you saw, you get up and move on what you saw!” ─ Rev. Joseph Abram


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